Welcome to my new Chez Cuckoo website!

Since early spring 2018 my Norwegian comic “Kollektivet” has been published in English as Chez Cuckoo for free on Instagram. And I must humbly admit I’ve been surprised by how popular it has become. It now has more than 21000 followers, and still counting.

But Instagram, or any social media for that matter, is a dubious publishing platform due to company rules. Over the last year my comic has been “shadow banned” a couple of times for whatever reasons, and several times some of the readers has been offended and have reported the comic, resulting in disappearing posts.

Well, this site, Chezcuckoo.com, is owned by me. There is no censorship here, and I’m in total control of what I publish.

If this is your first encounter with Chez Cuckoo, congratulations! I strongly recommend you read the presentation of the main characters first. If not, you might not understand all the jokes…

As for now, more than 250 strips of Chez Cuckoo are already published here for you to enjoy, and brand new strips will be published two times a week: TUESDAY and FRIDAY. The catalogue consists of more than 3300 comic strips and hundreds of pages with longer stories. Every week I will put up as many as possible of the previous made strips, and maybe some of the longer stories too. But translation takes time, so please be patient!

Comic strips will still be posted on Instagram and Twitter. But from now on, Chezcuckoo.com will be the central hub for the brand new comic strips and everything else related to my comic in English.

Remember: The comic is still free for you to read. But by becoming my patron, you not only support me making comics. You’ll also get access to exclusive materials such as drawings, art, sneak peeks and much more. Check out my Patreon-page and see for yourself!

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