Another month has passed, and here is what my backers on Patreon has got during September, depending on their tier:

  • Access to all the new Chez Cuckoo comic strips one day before you can read them here on
  • News about upcoming projects, like the front covers of the next digital Blacktööth comic books, and the new digital Chez Cuckoo comic book coming later in October.
  • Step-by-step sketches and images of my work on Chez Cuckoo, like the cover image of the new softcover book released in Norway later this month.
  • Downloadable art, comics, sketches and wallpapers, made specially for my patrons.
  • View the new personal avatar made for one of my $25 patrons.
  • A new pin up drawing, where Ronny expose himself…

In addition, my patrons have access to tons of previous published stuff.

Coming this October:

More pin ups, more art, more wallpapers and more … good stuff.

Become my patron you too and get access to the exclusive stuff I share!