The Archive
I have finally uploaded more of the old strips to the archive. These are a handful of highlights from 2001 to 2005, some of them from the time Ronny and Kathy still was a couple. You can start reading them here.

Digital Comic Books
Yesterday, I published my second digital comic book, and today I have set up a little web shop here on I’m very pleased with the service provided by both Gumroad and DriveThruComics, but like everybody else, they take a piece of the cake. I thought, why not make it so I have all the income from selling the comics myself? I sell my comic books very cheap so everyone can afford them, and I don’t believe I’m greedy if I want to keep all the profit. After all, this doesn’t bring much money in, but I spend a lot of my time making them. I do it mostly because it’s fun, and to give you fans more than just the comic strips you find here and on social media.

Ah and yes, I’ve put up a Kindle edition of my latest book on Amazon too! Not because I think it will sell much there. It was impossible to have a lower prize than $2.99, and I get much less from each sale than what I get everywhere else. But they have the possibility for print on demand, and that is something I will look more into next year.

Over at Patreon I have started a couple of new services for those who support the comic. Commissions, funny drawings, and a weekly full page episode made exclusively for my supporters. Take a look at the new tiers!

Line Webtoon
I have been making regular updates on Webtoon for a long time (including a little break for various reasons), but it gets little attention. So I’m on the fence about continue posting stuff there. It take some time formatting the strips, time I could have used making more comics. Maybe Webtoon isn’t the right place for a comic strip like Chez Cuckoo? Besides, I already post almost daily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Let me know what you think.