First, I’ve added some more previous comic strips to the archive. As always you can check them out using this link.

Second, another month has passed and we are approaching a new year. In November, I made and published three more one page episodes of Chez Cuckoo exclusive for my patrons. In addition, they got special made illustrations for printing, new wallpapers, another NSFW-drawing, and much more.

In December I will publish a new one page episode every weekend. In addition, my patrons will get more art and other stuff made special for them. Including another steamy piece of NSFW art! They also get early access to the brand new comic strips published here. If you want to get access to all of this, become my patron today and support my comic.

I still work on the translation of the next issue of Blacktööth. I expect to publish this right before Christmas. And remember: This will be in full color.