It’s Christmas (or Winter Season Holidays, or Yuletide, or whatever you call it), and time for an update. Thank you for visiting my website and for reading my comic. For me, bringing Chez Cuckoo out to the world has been a thrill, and I love all the feedback I get, especially on Instagram. Please continue to tell me what you like and dislike. Chez Cuckoo has been with me for 20 years, and bringing it out to the English-speaking audience has been a new chapter to my career. A chapter that has learned me a lot.

Some call Chez Cuckoo a boomer comic, and honestly I’m okay with that. Although born in 1968 and technically being Generation X, I understand that my younger readers view me as a boomer. I have always made Chez Cuckoo the way I like it, and learned the craft of creating comic strips by reading classic comics like Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, Redeye, and Calvin and Hobbes, I guess my influence and style is very “boomerish” compared to modern comics online today. That’s fine. Hell, I guess making a central website for my comic like is a kind of “boomerish” too. Anyway. Some like traditional comic strips like mine, and it is for you I create, translate and publish my work. And will continue to do so in 2020.

I have put up a lot of comic strips to the archive again, including a fun storyline called Wine tasting with Madlyn from 2010. Please check it out.

On Patreon, I have published a lot of new and exclusive material this month almost every day, including several full page episodes. And I’m looking forward to creating more to those of you joining me there. This includes commissions.

I’ve promised you a new issue of Blacktööth e-comic this year. I’m working on it and I still hope to release it before January.

So, heading for 2020, I wish you a continuously Happy Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Hope to see you here in January!