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January 6, 2023

After being down for almost two weeks, I’m happy to tell you that the site is up and running again with lots of new stuff under the hood. Most of the changes are technical, but there are a few others to:

The Archive

You can at any time read the 100 latest published comics here for free! But if you want FULL access to ALL the more than 1000 comic strips here (including the Archive, where the strips are organized into stories and years of publishing) you can join my Patreon on the QUESTER tier ($5).

Blacktööth Quest

Holding the QUESTER tier, you’ll ALSO get access to my violent, dark, and funny fantasy comic about Ronny and his two band buddies in Blacktööth Quest. I make a new episode of that comic each month, and the first episode, “The Growlers”, is already out!

Chez Cock-OH!

This is Chez Cuckoo after dark! Get access to sexy and funny comics, cartoons, and art, made for an adult audience. Only available for my Patreon pals at the ADULT tier ($25). And for that price, I even do NSFW commissions too!

Enjoy my comics, and remember: New episodes are coming up every Wednesday and Friday.