Chez Cuckoo Storylines

Throughout the years, I have made many of the comic strips as parts of a story line. From three strips and more. Here is a list of those you find here on at the moment, in chronological order:

2007: A visit by Osama
Mounir’s father comes for a visit, and he brings a special guest.

2008: First date
Mounir is finally giving in and takes Madly out.

2008: Ronny’s in love
Yeah, he actually fell in love once…

2010: Wine tasting with Madlyn
Mounir thinks he’s going to a fun party with his co-worker, but…

2011: The nudist beach
Ronny and Mounir discover a nudist beach nearby.

2011: The one pot incident
Ronny is making dinner, and it does not go well…

2011: Balder’s first day at school
Finally, Balder started school. And his parents are with him.

2011: The warehouse incident
Mounir and Madlyn do it for the first time!

2012: The complot goes wrong
Mounir tries to get rid of Madlyn, but…

2012: The kiddie pool
Ronny buys a kiddie pool to Balder.

2013: The annual general meeting
They live together, so yeah, they must have one.

2013: Halloween madness
A Halloween Mounir will never forget.

2013: Oh, snap!
The dangers and temptations of social media…

2014: Moonshine madness
Something’s cooking!

2014: The dishwasher genie
Ronny do the dishes…

2016: The slope
Winter time fun.

2016: Moving back in
Ina and Toby move in with the others.

2016: The summer guests
Ronny’s parents come for a summer visit.

2017: The break-up
Toby and Ina is breaking up.

2018: Mounir meets Agatha
How Mounir finally meets the woman of his dreams.

2019: The painting
Emma’s new painting….