Anger Management
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Happy New Year!


January 7, 2022

Wohooo! New year, new possibilities, right?

Thank you for reading my comic here on the Chez Cuckoo website! I know most people outside of Norway read my comic on Instagram and Twitter. But since Chez Cuckoo is an ongoing series, I guess and hope reading it here will give you a better understanding of the comic universe and the characters in it.

Most of you read my comic on the phone, so I have started to publish all the new comics in the “webtoon” format. I guess you’re familiar with it. (If you’re not, it means that you read the comic by scrolling down.)

About the navigation for those of you new to this site: Click on the comic to go to the next comic. You can also use the arrows. If you are reading a story, clicking on “Start of this story” takes you to the… Yeah, you know. If you are reading a stand-alone comic strip, clicking on this will take you to the very first Chez Cuckoo-strip!


(And yup, this was originally posted yesterday, but I edited it today, okay? You didn’t notice? Okay!)