Early Summertime Slowness


June 29, 2022

There have been very few new strips here lately, and I have a PERFECTLY good explanation for this laziness.

I attended the Oslo Comics Expo to sell my newly released graphic novel INTERITUM, plus my fresh Norwegian Chez Cuckoo release, “Abducted!”. A story I hope I will have time to translate and release as an English eBook later this year. My graphic novel is also going to be translated into English and released as an Ebook, in the beginning of next year. I also hope to do a Kickstarter, to publish it in English print too. So, let’s see what I manage to do.

Going to a convention like this also lets me meet old friends and colleagues, chat, and drink beer with them. Mmmm, beeeer.

Anyway, I also went to Tons of Rock, a huge rock and metal festival in Oslo last weekend. That was a great experience, with … tons of music sun, and more beer. Hehe.

Well, I’m back in business now, so unless I get very sick, have an accident, or I’m abducted by aliens, expect two new strips from me every week this whole summer. At least until August when I will start moving to another place. More about that later. Cheers!