September 9, 2023

Hey gyuys! I’ve kicked off a new webcomic starring Ronny in Chez Cuckoo! It’s actually a reboot of my old comic about the band Blacktööth, which I now call Blacktööth Quest. This comic has nothing to do with Chez Cuckoo, except for the three characters in the band.

The band finds themselves in an unknown, spooky, and perilous world, and Ronny, Metal Egil, and Svein have to figure out not only where they are, what they’re doing there, and how to get back home but also how to survive from episode to episode!

So, this is a humorous, dark, and sometimes violent fantasy comic. The first episode started this week and is titled “The Growlers.” It’s 10 pages long, and updates are every Tuesday and Friday.

There are ways to access the entire episode before the pages are posted on the website: Subscribe to my Patreon page at the QUESTER level! Then you’ll get to download the whole episode as a neat e-book, and you’ll get some other cool stuff too.

How many episodes will there be in total? I’m a bit uncertain, but this will probably be a comic that goes well into 2024. So, come along for the ride! You can start reading the series from the beginning right here.